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ABIS MultiCom has different departments or Business Units:

ABIS Multimedia

The historical division specialized in design and production of multimedia applications.

ABIS Communication

It is specialized in marketing and communications strategies, corporate image, politics communication and everything is communication.


The WorldWide Portal to Museums and Cultural Heritage, the most important and complete international initiative in the field.

Museumland Workshop

Branch in charge to manage the franchising network of Museumland Workshop points.

ABIS Web Design

Design, production and management of websites. Consultation for web design and usability.

ABIS Publishing

Digital and traditional publications, tourists and museums guides.

ABIS Culture

Department that design and organize art shows and cultural events.

ABIS Training

It is the third division, in chronological order, after the Multimedia and WindoVid ones. From 1987 design, coordinates, organizes courses trough a team of qualified international teachers.

ABIS Researches

Market researches, public opinion an exit polls, focus group, museums visitors studies, feedback of multimedia application, data analysis, questionnaires elaboration.

ABIS Advertising

Founded after the experience of Apteryx and Graficando, it is the division that design and realizes advertising products.

Mario Bucolo Creative Workshop

The Abis’s creative laboratory of ideas that manages the creative aspect of the different divisions.

Matrio Bucolo entertainment

Creation and production of entertainment events, concerts, performances and so on.

ABIS Virtual

Planning and production of virtual and immersive simulators for museums.

Fly Boy

Fly Boy’s rent.


Production and market of WindoVid Keyboards.

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