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In these days we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of activity.
In 1984 I started to work on a local TV “ Telecolor” in Catania design computer graphics games for competitors in a television programme.
In the same year I produce, on an Apple II, a computer graphics Title sequence for the first Italian television news at 6 o’clock in the morning  called “Goodmorning Sicily” directed by Carlo Ottaviano ( Today director of famous italian magazine “Le vie del Gusto”).
Between 1984 and 1985 I realized various games for a programme on “Telecolor” called “scoppia la coppia” prelude of actual famous Italian programmes such as “Passa Parola”.
Obviously my private story is closely connected with the story of my company. First of all with the creation of the Bucolo Computer Graphics become Bucolo Eidomatic Studios and finally, in 1989, ABIS.
Waiting to find time for another piece of 20 years of pioneering story of multimedia and computer graphic. I invite you to see how our logo is associated to the business mission of ABIS and the Company profile of ABIS MultiCom.

Mario Bucolo

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Company profile ABIS MultiCom s.r.l.

ABIS MultiCom was born from the union of two Abis business units: Multimedia and Communication. Abis, Advanced Buttonless Interactive System was initially responsible for production and designing of the keyboard WindoVid used to make interactive the shop windows, Banks and multimedia Kiosk with a particular design.
Abis Multimedia is working in this field collaborating with Commodore Computer and Olivetti in Italy (one of the 17 italian multimedia partners).
In Xmas 1989 Abis Multimedia realized 100 interactive information points for Commodore and in 1990 Abis began the collaboration with the french firm Promosphere for the promotion and the commercialization of WindoVid. In 1992 Abis go towards the English market thanks to the partnership with Tarantula Communication of London.
Abis Multimedia is also specialized to design Interactive Information points oriented towards the field of Retail, tourism and cultural heritage. The most important works realized are in Catania and Syracuse such as “ The Baroque in Sicily”. The information points realized by Abis are the archealogical museums in Sibari, Tortora (province of Cosenza) Reggio Calabria (with the Riace's Bronze). The most recent works are in the
Museum-House Giovanni Verga, in Catania, and the multimedia tourist guide of calatino. Moreover Abis has created many cd rom about art and tourism. In addition it was a founder of MEDICI framework an initiative promoted by the U.E. for the multimedia access to the european cultural heritage.

Abis works also in the field of education (Through the use of technologies for multimedia communications) and in the field of human computer interface.
The multidisciplinary team of Abis is also able to realize any type of multimedia application. In 2001 Abis received the national Mediastars prize for the usability design of the Portal Museumland.
The Abis Communication department instead is specialized in market researches, opinion polls and training courses.
Abis has also worked with the Istituto Cirm (one of the most important italian firm) for the exit poll in 1996 and has realized other important researches. Abis is now partner of the Istituto Piepoli.

ABIS Communication also work in the field of traditional publishing (Calatino areas Tourist Guide), museums marketing consulting services - communication and public relations, design of immersive simulation for museums, exhibition design (“Pirandello e la più bella città dei mortali”, Agrigento, Parigi, Roma, Salamanca).

ABIS MultiCom publish and manage Museumland.com the WorldWide Portal to Museums and Cultural Heritage, a perfect marketing tool for museums, cultural heritage and cultural tourism, give visibility to more than 10700 museums and cultural heritage web sites from 141 nations.

In April 2003 ABIS was organize, in Catania, CulturMed, the first mediterranean conference on marketing and communication strategy for museums, cultural heritage and cultural tourism. Chairman of the conference was Prof. Neil Kotler, co-author of international best seller "Museums marketing".
(Update January 2004)

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